Dirt Bikes and Trout

While I was fishing the Upper Taylor River today, I heard what I thought was a chainsaw. I was out in the middle of a meadow, where there are no paths or roads, and definitely no motorized vehicles allowed. So I figured it was the forest service cutting trees or something. But no. I looked up and saw 3 dirt bikes riding right down the river. Needless to say, I was furious. There is no need to ride dirt bikes in the trout stream with all the roads and trails in Taylor Park. And besides, the area is clearly marked with signs stating that no motorized vehicles are allowed. People need to realize they are not only being totally rude, but they are destroying trout habitat. This is a very pristine area and a beautiful part of the Colorado Rockies. It was really a shock to see this today. I can only hope that these ya-hoos are in the minority. This could easily go from a ramble to a rant, so I’ll stop here. You get my drift.

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