Fishing Late Summer – 2018 Drought Update

We are moving into late summer and the dog days of August, and fishing during this drought will become even more challenging. The rivers are low and will continue to drop, and we will likely see hot and dry days ahead. In addition, there are plans to drop the flow out of Taylor Reservoir on about 8/15 and then again on 9/1. The current release schedule for the Taylor is as follows:

  • Aug 1-15:  230 cfs
  • Aug 16-31:  200 cfs
  • Sept 1-15:  150 cfs
  • Sept 16-30:  150 cfs

The low flows on the Taylor River and the East River, as the East continues to drop, could result in flows on the Gunnison River of well under 300 cfs. Anglers should monitor water temperatures closely and take care of the fish. The rivers should cool by early September, if not sooner, and though the water will be very low, conditions should improve as a result.

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