Fishing Report

A nice wild brown trout. See more photos on the blog.

March 20, 2019

Thankfully, we’ve had a good winter with plenty of snow. The snowpack in the Gunnison Valley is currently around 150% of normal. We should expect a long runoff and good water through summer and into fall. Storage levels in the reservoirs are extremely low due to the major drought we had last summer, so water will be held back some to refill the reservoirs.

The ice is coming off the rivers and there is open water to fish on various stretches of the Gunnison River. It’s still early, but anglers have had success nymphing slow with small midges during the warm part of the day. Try various colors for larva and emerger patterns in sizes 18 to 24. As the rivers fill with snowmelt and the water temps rise, we’ll be looking at fishing larger stonefly nymph patterns, like Pat’s Rubber Legs and 20 Inchers, along with small mayfly nymphs, like Two-Bit Hookers, PTs, Micro Mayflies, and Barr’s BWO Emergers.

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