Small Creeks, Big Fish

I’ve been scouting small creeks and beaver pond areas for a while now, getting ready for upcoming client trips. I’ve seen six huge bull moose, some incredible mountain scenery, and some of the biggest fish to ever come out of a small creek. This brown trout below taped out at 20 inches. It was in a run in between two beaver ponds where the creek was about 10 feet wide. An amazing fish.

Small Creeks and Beaver Ponds

20-inch Brown Trout

Big Water and Small Creeks

With the incredibly big water we have now, client trips will be limited to smaller creeks for a while. Tom and his daughter, Parker, hiked through saturated meadows and beaver ponds to stalk fish in the Upper Taylor River. The water was very cold early on and the fishing was slow, but they both did well on the Taylor and also on a private stretch of a smaller creek in the afternoon. It was mostly small browns and brook trout throughout the day, but Parker’s first fish was this really nice brown trout from the Upper Taylor. She did a great job playing the fish out of the strong current and into the net. Very nice!

Parker's nice brown trout

Exploring Beaver Ponds

Our rivers and creeks are really raging now and still on the rise. Some of the smaller creeks are no longer fishable. If you head up higher and look for beaver dams along the smaller creeks, you can still find some water to fish. And sometimes you can find some really nice wild trout. This 18-inch brown trout came from a run in between two beaver dams. You could tell this guy had been there a while. A nice chunky male with a good jaw. Thanks to Dave for the photos.

Beaver Pond Brown Trout


Delaware River – Final Day of Fish Camp

Had a great time fishing with the guys all week on the Delaware River. Fishing was VERY tough all week, but we all caught fish each day. On the last day, I landed two really nice browns – one 19 inches and the other 17 inches. We had incredible hatches every day but the fish didn’t do much until the evenings. So lots of standing around during the slow times of day, and getting creative with the camera due to lack of trout.

frog1_mainstem_blog_050815 Mayfly Hatch