Down Time

After a very busy summer, I’ve been enjoying some time off and getting out on the rivers some. Had an incredible day of dry fly fishing on the East River yesterday. Seemed appropriate to post a photo of this nice 18-inch brown with my GDO (Guide’s Day Off) bamboo rod. September will be busy, so it’s nice to have a little down time right now.

East River Brown Trout

River Time

Had fun out there throwing dry flies with Alfred and Eric today on the Gunnison River. They both did well and caught some nice fish. I decided to post this photo because sometimes a day on the river is about much more than the fish you catch.

Gunnison River

Taylor River C&R

Rich had an excellent day of dry fly fishing at the Taylor River C&R stretch today. We had a mix of sunshine with thunder and lightning and pouring rain, but the clouds and rain helped the hatches, and the fish got on the feed. He landed a lot of really nice browns and rainbows, mostly on size 18 and 20 emerger and adult patterns, all on the surface. Really fun day!

Taylor River Rainbow Trout

Taylor River C&R – Guide’s Day Off

Had the day off so I headed up to fish the Taylor River C&R stretch. Caught some really nice fish, including a very big rainbow of about 25 inches (bottom photo), all on a size 20 dry fly and a bamboo rod. (This bamboo rod is actually named “GDO” – which stands for Guide’s Day Off.) It was fun catching big trout on a single dry fly and a bamboo rod. It was a great way to spend my birthday.

Taylor River Rainbow Trout

Taylor River Brown Trout

Taylor River Rainbow Trout

Riffle and Rise!

Had a great day of dry fly fishing with Mitch today. Mitch is an expert fly caster and he was able to hit the spots and get the drifts all day. He landed a lot of nice wild trout on a dry fly, fishing the riffles, pockets, and banks. Love that riffle and rise!

Riffle and Rise!