Gunnison River is CLOSED

GUNNISON AND SLATE RIVER CLOSURES High, Fast Water Prompts Sheriff to Issue Order
Gunnison County, Colo – Effective June 7, 2019 and until further notice, the Gunnison River is CLOSED between Almont and the Gunnison Whitewater Park; and the Slate River is CLOSED between Gunsight Pass Ridge and the State Hwy 135 bridge at mile marker 25.5. By Order of the Gunnison County Sheriff (per authority of Colorado Revised Statute 33-13-111), these river portions are CLOSED to all water vessels. These closures are to protect public safety, and are due to dangerous river conditions, including very low clearances at bridges. For more information, contact the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office 970-641-1113.
All Other Rivers and Streams: For all other areas not identified above, please be aware that all rivers and streams in Gunnison County continue to run at bank-full conditions. All recreational users (boaters, fishermen, etc.) are urged to use extreme caution on and around the rivers. The rivers are fast, cold and carrying large amounts of debris. There could be numerous snags and debris jams, resulting in serious obstacles, as well as low clearances on bridges. Due to the volume of water being carried, the character of these rivers and streams is far different and more dangerous than during normal flows.
Do not allow unsupervised children or pets close to these rivers and streams. All persons on or near these rivers should be wearing appropriate personal floatation devices (PFD’s).
Beginner boaters and floaters are strongly advised to employ a professional rafting company if entering the water.
Boating equipment lost on/in the river should be reported to Dispatch at (970) 641-8200.
For more information, please contact the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 641-1113.

Colorado Angling

We’ve had a flurry of activity with Eleven Angling this off-season, and we’ve expanded our fishing programs and added some exciting new fly fishing packages. You can visit our Eleven website and check it all out. In Colorado, we developed several new fishing products, which include premium single and multi-day fishing itineraries, customized for our guests at Taylor River Lodge. We are also offering a 3-day deluxe Gunnison Gorge float fishing trip in partnership with RIGS Fly Shop. This is Colorado’s premier multi-day wilderness float on the Gold Medal waters of the Gunnison Gorge. This is an amazing all-inclusive 5 day and 5 night trip. We start with 3 nights and 2 days of fishing at Taylor River Lodge, followed by 2 nights and 3 days float fishing the Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area Wilderness. This is truly a bucket list item! Spring is here and we’re ramping up for another great season. And to top things off, we’ve got two new premium Boulder Boat Works drift boats being custom built for Eleven. Rope seats, custom woodwork, the works! Time to fish! Learn more about our Colorado Angling program here.

Fall Fishing

We’ve had some decent snow recently and cold temps, and the fishing season is winding down. With the warm afternoons lately, we’ve actually had snow-melt fill the rivers some and get the fish moving. This trend won’t last long though.

Fishing Late Summer – 2018 Drought Update

We are moving into late summer and the dog days of August, and fishing during this drought will become even more challenging. The rivers are low and will continue to drop, and we will likely see hot and dry days ahead. In addition, there are plans to drop the flow out of Taylor Reservoir on about 8/15 and then again on 9/1. The current release schedule for the Taylor is as follows:

  • Aug 1-15:  230 cfs
  • Aug 16-31:  200 cfs
  • Sept 1-15:  150 cfs
  • Sept 16-30:  150 cfs

The low flows on the Taylor River and the East River, as the East continues to drop, could result in flows on the Gunnison River of well under 300 cfs. Anglers should monitor water temperatures closely and take care of the fish. The rivers should cool by early September, if not sooner, and though the water will be very low, conditions should improve as a result.