Fished the East River in the Gunnison Valley with Jake and Moose over the weekend and caught some nice rainbows on big stonefly nymphs. Also floated the Gunnison River with Moose and Colleen and had a great streamer day. Fishing is excellent during the pre-runoff time.

Early Spring

Spring is here and so are the first mayflies. Blue-Winged Olives have been hatching on the rivers for a while now with the warm weather we’ve had. Fishing small Baetis nymphs and emergers has been very productive prior to the BWO hatch, especially in the riffles.

Cold Weather Fishing

Winter seems to have arrived here on the Western Slope, with some snow and cold temps. You can fish year round here but you need to make sure you layer up. Winter fishing isn’t for everyone, but it can be rewarding. You can fish the warmest part of the day and usually get some trout to cooperate.