More Early Season Fishing

I got out yesterday afternoon for a few hours and fished the East River, Taylor River, and Gunnison River. It still feels like winter fishing right now, and there is more winter weather coming. But I had a very good day on the river. Last week, I spooked out a pretty big brown on the East River. So this week I went back and used a bit more stealth and looked for this fish in the same spot. Sure enough, it was there, and this brown did not hesitate to take a size 20 red midge. It measured out at 23 inches. I got quite a few decent fish up in Taylor Canyon as well, including a fat 19-inch rainbow. I must have put 20 casts over this fish with one rig, and it just was not interested. After I changed to an egg with a black midge behind it, it took the midge on the first drift. It was a fun day.

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