About Me

I arrived in Colorado in early 2006, when I came to work for one of the top resorts in Western Colorado. I managed the fly shop and guide service there for five seasons and guided for eight seasons, prior to starting up my own fly fishing outfitting business and working for myself for a couple of years. I then spent a few years managing the angling program and fishing operation for a global adventure travel company with lodges in several countries. As I wind down my career, I’m having fun being back out on my own again with Riffle and Rise.

Prior to pursuing a career in the fly fishing industry, I spent 25 years in telecommunications, information technology, engineering and consulting. My business experience is extensive and has varied over the years. I worked for multi-national corporations with operations around the globe and was fortunate enough to be able to travel around the US, Canada, Europe, and Hong Kong and China.

When I’m not out guiding or fishing, I enjoy spending time with photography and music. You can check out my solo acoustic music at JohnBocchino.com.

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