Fly Fishing Schools

Riffle and Rise offers fly fishing instruction in a relaxed, private water setting. Schools are typically one to three days and can be fully customized to meet your goals and expectations. Fly fishing schools are offered all season long, typically from April through October.

Multi-day schools are a great way for anglers to learn more about fly fishing, beyond just casting instruction. There will always be more to learn, and fly fishers from beginner level to more experienced anglers can continue to acquire additional skills that help them become more self-sufficient on the water.

Key topics are covered in an outdoor classroom environment with an emphasis on hands-on instruction, and students can then apply what they have learned on the river. Learn about fly fishing and how it differs from the conventional tackle approach, gain in-depth knowledge related to fly fishing gear and tackle, and learn about knots and rigging, as well as a variety of casting techniques. Gain an understanding of insect life cycles (hatches) and how to apply this to fly selection. The ability to successfully match the hatch can truly take anglers to the next level. In addition, conservation issues and proper etiquette on the water are important aspects of fly fishing that are covered, and which are often left out of typical fly fishing schools. This includes hooking, fighting and landing fish, and proper handling and release of trout, as well as the importance of respecting others on the river.

Fly fishing schools are available for two to four students and are great for families and kids who are focused on learning. The maximum angler to guide ratio on the river is 2:1. The basic rates are listed below. Riffle and Rise fly fishing schools are conducted on private water, which is included at no extra charge. Schools can be customized to meet your needs, and associated rates will be based on the package developed. Please contact me to discuss details and to set up a fly fishing school specifically for you or your group.

  • One-Day Fly Fishing School
    2 to 4 anglers – $300 per angler

AM Classroom Session (approx. 3 hours):

– Overview of fly fishing
– Conservation
– Etiquette
– Intro to gear and tackle
– Aquatic insects and fly selection
– Knots and rigging
– Casting instruction

PM Fishing Session (approx. 3 hours):

– Casting and managing line
– Hooking, landing, and proper handling and release of fish

  • Two or Three-Day Fly Fishing School
    2 to 4 anglers – $250 per angler per day

Multi-day schools will include all topics of the one-day school, with more in-depth discussions and hands-on instruction each day. These schools will also include a detailed look at insects and life cycles, and matching the hatch. This knowledge will be applied each day on the river to identify insects and select associated flies for a variety of situations.

Gear and tackle can be provided. Students must provide their own waders and boots, and they should also bring their own fly rod/reel outfit if they have one. Colorado fishing licenses are required for those 16 years and older. A recommended list of what to bring includes a water bottle, sun screen, bug spray, hat, and polarized sunglasses.

Payment and Cancellation:
Full payment is due at the time of booking. Clients who cancel a reservation up to 7 days prior to the trip date will receive a full refund of their trip fee. For cancellations made within 7 days of the trip date, clients will not receive a refund. Clients who do not show up on the day of the trip will not receive a refund.

Riffle and Rise LLC is fully insured and bonded, and licensed in the state of Colorado (Outfitter License #2936).

Download a Riffle and Rise waiver.

Purchase a Colorado fishing license online.

Riffle and Rise is a business member of Trout Unlimited and proud supporter of the TU mission to conserve,
protect and restore North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

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