Taylor River C&R

I had my best day ever at the C&R this afternoon. Clouds, pouring rain, and fish eating with reckless abandon. I caught a lot of nice browns like the one below and my best fish was this 23-inch rainbow. I fished small mayfly emergers and ant patterns the whole time. (Click on images to enlarge.)


We’re seeing some BWOs hatching on the Taylor now and fish are looking up. The river is rising as they increase flows out of Taylor Reservoir this week, and a lot of fish are feeding near the banks now. I saw this nice brown sipping on the bank and caught him on a size 22 mayfly emerger. Stalking big fish on the banks is super fun. Click on the photo to see a large version. Just a beautiful fish.

Gunnison River

I caught this nice cutbow on the Gunnison River the other day. The rivers have been up and down with the temperature swings we’ve had. We have had temps in the mid 60s and then snow. Rivers are up again now with runoff, but there is another cold front coming and we may get some snow in the high country. Winds have been brutal, with gusts to 50 mph. I’ve seen a lot of trees down. I’ll be glad when this settles down.