Pre-Runoff Fishing

It’s been really warm lately (in the mid 60s) with good fishing, but now we’re seeing the early stages of runoff. The East River is getting swollen and dirty, and this is bringing runoff into the Gunnison River. We’ll probably see the flows go up and down for a bit, but once we’re in full runoff with the high country snow melting, it will most likely last several weeks.

White Christmas

We certainly had a white Christmas this year! We’re still in the midst of a major winter storm system that has been hitting us daily since last week. It has brought several feet of snow to the mountains, with Crested Butte getting about six feet of snow in the last 8 days or so. And there is more coming between now and New Year’s Day. It’s what we desperately need after several years of severe drought conditions. The photos below were taken up at the Taylor River C&R stretch today. It was a rare opportunity to get some shots with no anglers on the river. (Click on the image to see the full size.)