Small Streams

Fishing the small streams prior to runoff can be a lot of fun. It’s pretty much Wooly Buggers all day long. There’s just something about being up in the mountains and catching a lot of wild trout with a 7-foot bamboo rod and not seeing another angler the entire time.

Pre-Runoff Fishing

The snow is melting in the Gunnison Valley and the rivers are rising with early runoff. Fish are keying in on stonefly nymphs and midges, and they also chasing streamers. This runoff will probably be short and sweet based on the above average temperatures we’re experiencing. Fishing will continue to be good until the rivers blow out, which could be in the next two weeks (or less).

Early Season

Got out for some early season fishing over the weekend. There was a good midge hatch in the afternoon and we caught some decent fish on dry flies. Water is very low still, but with temps creeping up to nearly 60 degrees later this week, we’ll see rivers begin to rise.

Texas and Louisiana

Spent a few weeks in Texas and got to visit Louisiana for a few days as well. It was good to get away for part of the winter and help out Peri’s mom. Pulled the camper down and camped in the Texas Hill Country and also in Natchitoches, Louisiana. After about 5 weeks, 2 flat tires, and a cracked windshield, I am back home in Colorado and looking at a snow storm coming and below zero temps. Next year I hope to be gone for January AND February. But it’s time to ramp up for the upcoming fishing season now. Sure hope we don’t have another drought. Stay tuned.
(Check out my road trip inspired song, 18 Wheelers and Jesus.)

Luckenbach is a cool place. Would love to get back there for music during non-COVID time.
Some of the oldest buildings since the Louisiana Purchase are in Natchitoches, Louisiana.
Old cotton plantations dot the landscape in Louisiana. Lots of history and great scenery.

Headed South

Got the new topper on the truck and hitched up the camper and headed south to Texas to spend a few weeks down here with Peri’s mom. It took two days and one flat tire, but it feels great to be in 70 degree weather while it’s 15 below zero in Gunnison. It was also good to melt the glacier off the camper. Happy camper.

Steamboat/Yampa trip

We went camping and fishing up north of Steamboat Springs during September and had a blast. Great fall weather and colors, and we caught some beautiful trout. Looking forward to a return trip next year.

A really nice Yampa River rainbow.
A beautiful wild rainbow trout. My best rainbow of the trip.
My 23″ brown on the Yampa River. A great fish!
Peri with a Yampa River brown trout.
Peri with a gorgeous brown!
A pretty cutthroat from a mountain stream on the last day. Love that small creek fishing!