Texas and Louisiana

Spent a few weeks in Texas and got to visit Louisiana for a few days as well. It was good to get away for part of the winter and help out Peri’s mom. Pulled the camper down and camped in the Texas Hill Country and also in Natchitoches, Louisiana. After about 5 weeks, 2 flat tires, and a cracked windshield, I am back home in Colorado and looking at a snow storm coming and below zero temps. Next year I hope to be gone for January AND February. But it’s time to ramp up for the upcoming fishing season now. Sure hope we don’t have another drought. Stay tuned.
(Check out my road trip inspired song, 18 Wheelers and Jesus.)

Luckenbach is a cool place. Would love to get back there for music during non-COVID time.
Some of the oldest buildings since the Louisiana Purchase are in Natchitoches, Louisiana.
Old cotton plantations dot the landscape in Louisiana. Lots of history and great scenery.

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